God's plan and purpose is that we should be delivered from everything that is contrary to His will for us, and this includes the deadly work of the Devil, the subtle work of the world, and the insidious work of the flesh. It includes deliverance from fear, doubt, anxiety and worry; it includes the gift and enjoyment of His peace, His calm and His quiet confidence.

Learn more about deliverance/salvation from the teachings below:

Barrier Breakers Part I

There are people in your life that you are keeping when it should not be so. These people were meant to pass through your life but you have kept them. This all depends on what you want to be in life. it is that goal that will determine who comes close to you, who talks to you and how long they will stay.
When you know what you want to be some people you don't even have to talk to because it will not benefit you. Going backwards is never intentional, it is a slow occurrence. People easily find themselves there. Everyone, including you, talks of achieving and having breakthrough, and that is good.
But of those who speak achievement, it's only a few who do achieve, why?

Barrier Breakers Part II

A barrier breaker has a winning attitude. We fail because our attitude is not that of a winner. It is shaped by the world around us. It is shaped by either the people we hang around with. It can be our experiences irrespective of whether those experiences were good or bad. Sometime it can even be the culture we grew up with. Religion and race also can shape our attitude but it is the biblical attitude of winning, which is joy and happiness that will make you a barrier breaker in this life. Today you have a choice to break those barriers, because any barrier that is not scriptural can be broken. 

If you break these you will be a bigger and better person. You will climb to the next level. Today you are going to break those barriers, and break them NOW!