In 2019, leave the things that did not make you grow in the previous year. We can all rise to Gods standard when we check our desires. We must change our mindset and make a lot of adjustments. This year listen before you speak and be careful of what you see.

What you see should help you progress and not bring you down. All man’s problems come from what they see and what they speak, therefore, this year guard your mouth and your eyes.

"2019 is a year of your establishment. People will know that God is with you because the thing that will be happening to you will be extraordinary - Prophet Philip Banda."

In 2019, please be careful of your desires and pray that God would help you control your desires.

Any difficulties you face in 2019, don’t be in a hurry to spread it, that’s where you miss it. First, sit down and analyse it for within a problem lies the solution.

In 2019, you will be impacted by God. You will notice it yourself but change your mind.