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Ephesians 4:12: For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Impact For Christ Bible Training Center (IFCBTC) serves under the leadership of His able servant Prophet Philip Banda

and is based upon solid, practical and comprehensive biblical principles which center around molding you and shaping you

into a vessel for God’s glory as you line up with His design. The training center commences in February each year where there is an orientation for new student as well as a revival for returning students.


  • To provide solid, practical and comprehensive biblical training for effective Christian living and ministry.
  • To cultivate a heart of compassion for those in need
  • To build and develop a desire to grow into the likeness of God despite the natural circumstances
  • To train and equip the body to do the works of Jesus Christ
  • To equip the saints for the work of the ministry based upon biblical principles
  • To prepare the body for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible School Testimonies:


"I believe there is no better place to train for ministry, but because of the balance between practical and spiritual,

I have often said that the natural and the supernatural coming together make an explosive force for God. And that's what you get at IFCBTC.

You get a lot of practical information that you will find very useful in your personal life as well as ministry. 

At the same time, you will receive spiritual 'deposits' that you might not even know are there until a situation comes up in which you need it. Our father, Prophet Philip Banda once said " any toime of preparation is never lost time". 

That statement has never been more true. coming to IFCBTC will both strengthen your relationship with God and help prepare you for the ministry."

"There is nothing like stepping onto the IFCBTC arena of liberty and sensing the presence of the Holy Spirit. That same presence is evident in the classroom as well. And the anointing is not only taught but caught.There is something special about being with believers in the same place. It is also important to hear and understand when the Holy Spirit speaks to your Spirit.When you come to IFCBTC, the atmosphere is saturated with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The time you spend training here will help you learn His voice, which will be vital once you step out to do what God has called you to do in life and ministry."

2nd Year Bible School Prayer and Fasting Camp: 19-22 October 2016


2016 – my cup overflows

God Almighty miraculously summoned 2nd Year Bible School students to appear before Him, an event that had never happened in the history of IFCM Bible Training Center since its inception in year 2001. Indeed the students heed a call and assembled at Rocky Valley Camp site situated in Krugersdorp - South Africa to fast and pray for three (3) days. 

Obey, understanding will come later

As we were waiving “good-bye” to 2015 at the year-end prayer and fasting camp, the Prophet declared that “ in 2016 God whom you serve will do great and marvelous things for you, you will get closer to God, you will improve yourself, the beginning of the fulfilment of your purpose for which you were created, to name few prophecies. The grace of God located the students and they had an opportunity to be guided exclusively by the Man of God, Prophet Philip Banda at Rocky Valley.  

The Prophet mentioned to the students that this event will never take place again. However, because we have grown distant from God, we have grown cold towards the things of God, we are constantly failing to read the times and the seasons we are in, we have made uncommon things common and sometimes we even deceive ourselves that the Prophet of God will always be with us, others missed the opportunity. We have become casual seekers of God. The Prophet has taught us that God Almighty rewards us according to our priorities, we cannot put God number ten in our lives and expect God to bless us. He warned us recently that the second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed because people were not serving God with gladness. 

Keys to open destinies were handed at the camp to those who listened to the Man of God and will apply those teachings in perpetuity. How do you improve your spiritual life and how do you learn to protect and put into practice Bible School learnings whilst watching TV at home and others are on the mountain before God. The Prophet taught deep secrets of God and at the close of the camp students confessed that we felt “naked” after these teachings.

Heavens witnessed God’s servant

Are we still missing the signs before us that Prophet Philip Banda is a true servant of God? As always, year after year when the Man of God opens the prayer and fasting camp, the showers of blessings witnesses the event. It was so at this camp, immediately the Prophet addressed the students, heavy rain with hail stones poured down we could hardly hear the Man of God. Climbing the mountain the following morning the hail stones were still seen throughout the camp site. The Heavens again witnessed the closure of the event on the last day as the Man of God declared the camp closed –rain and hail stones poured down heavily for over an hour. 

A heart to know God

The Prophet asked “how do you become spiritual when your heart is not spiritual?” The Prophet can deliver you from a demon but he cannot deliver you from flesh. He emphasized that we must desire God, we must feel God and we must seek God. He read:

Deuteronomy 6:5

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength”.

If your knowledge of God does not penetrate your heart, your desires and feelings will not be with God. In such a state, you are capable of doing anything that is forbidden. If your feelings are with God, you cannot go ahead with the forbidden. Essential to everything is the heart. God will lead you in a way that you desire. You desire God, He will lead you in a place of prayer.

Genesis 3:9

Then the Lord God called to Adam and said to him, “Where are you?”

It was a spiritual turnaround moment when the Man of God taught on Adam. He said that before Adam sinned, his heart and will were completely directed to God. After sinning by eating on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a mixture of good and evil entered his heart. Before then God’s presence was always upon him, there was no mixture. After sinning, his heart and all his desire to serve did not match up like it was before. The Prophet warned that, that’s where we are, we are a mixture. 

God said to him “Adam where are you?” The Prophet explained that Adam was not missing physically but God was asking him “where is your heart turned to – your heart is no longer with me”. Adam was transformed because of sin and he began to seek what he wanted for himself. Problem we manufacture our own desires, Adam no longer gave himself totally to God. What we want, be it business growth, healing etc, these things have got nothing to do with God. One time you use to meet up with God but what has happened now?  

Among many prayer points he gave that night, he asked the students to pray and ask God: 

  1. Make my heart pure, clean, immaculate, free from all stains, free from any contamination
  2. Help me to surrender my will to God’s will
  3. Help me not to desire other things
  4. Please Jesus help me no to swell my ego in this world.

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