We know that God uses His creation message to change lives!  The Christian testimony holds an important place in Impact For Christ Ministries. Read these inspirational stories that will encourage your faith in the Lord.




God has really heard my prayers and I would like to give Him all the glory for Divine providence



My name is Mary Mwangi. I am a single mother of three and I would like to give glory to God for what He has done for my family. As a single mother it is tough raising children on my own. Finances are always a big concern especially also now that I am a student myself. My daughter is doing grade seven she has received a scholarship to study at Sacred Heart College for all her high school years from 2016. As a parent I am elated not only because Sacred Heart one of the top schools in the country but also for the fact that financially this is a huge relief. I won't have to worry about paying fees for my daughter for the next five years. God has really heard my prayers and I would like to give Him all the glory for Divine providence. I thank God for taking my daughter successfully through the tough tests and interview process.

Siyabonga Zwanne Testimony




My name is Siyabonga Zwane and I would like to thank God for what He is doing in my life. I was born 18 years ago and I was involved in a car accident at the age of three. As a result my nerves were damaged and I lost function of my right hand. My brain was also affected and for my schooling I had to be sent to special schools because I could not cope in "normal schools".

As a result I just did not have any positive outlook in life because I could not play normally with other children and everyone around me made me aware that I was not like them. I suffered from terrible low self esteem as a result. One of my teachers at the special school kept encouraging me during my time at the school from 2010 to 2014. I came to the ministry in 2010 at the invitation of a friend and and the teachings of the prophet have since transformed my life. The teaching I remember specifically is Dare To Dream. As a result I am now a motivational speaker and I have had the privilege to stand and motivate the whole school during the school assembly meetings.

I would like to thank God for turning my life around from being a person of low self esteem to a motivational speaker. I thank God for the life and teachings of prophet Philip Banda. I would end by encouraging the other people who were like me to say that with the right mind and focus you can do anything and with God on your side the sky is the limit in what you can do.

Sharon receives favor after Prophetic Declaration



My name is Sharon Moyo and I am 30 years old. I am from Zimbabwe but reside in Johannesburg. I work as a sales consultant for a fashion house. I joined the company in 2011 and being the only foreigner I used to suffer from low self esteem. I never thought I would amount to anything. During one service in July 2013 the Prophet gave prophecy that summer is coming and God will do amazing things. I decided to believe the prophet and I held on to the prophecy. In September the owner wanted someone to accompany her to Europe to fashion shows in Milan and Paris. I never thought I stood a chance because there were people that had been with the company longer, had more experience and better qualifications than me. To my surprise and shock my boss selected me to accompany her on this trip. It could only be God because I never had anything to qualify me for such.

Again in 2014 October she chose me to accompany her to Hong Kong and China. Again I never expected to go with her. This time I was going as a buyer and she introduced me to her suppliers. I was helping her chose the merchandise for her store even though I never had the experience as a buyer. God again qualified me.

I would like to thank God of prophet P Banda for everything He has done. I know He will still do more for me. He does not look at who you and where you come from but loves the way you are. As a result I would like to advise other people who have no confidence that with God He can take you anywhere. He has taken me from being confused, broken with no direction, low self esteem to someone who knows herself, where I am and where I am going. I had lost hope but now I have regained my vision and have even enrolled with Unisa studying BCom in Marketing Management.

Delivered from the spirit of night husband then received Promotion at work


My name is Tsakane Mashele, 28, from Florida.

I am employed as an IT specialist at Absa. In 2013 May my title changed from analyst to specialist without any explanation from management. When I approached the boss for explanation he did confirm that it was a promotion but could not give me an increase because it was out of cycle.

He promised to do something, 2014 February at the beginning of new cycle. When the time came nothing happened and upon approaching him he did not have any reasonable explanation. I then Approached the HR business person who asked me for my payslip when I was analyst and when I was specialist and the letter of increase. He did not get back to me.

During April deliverance seminar the prophet approached me and asked what I wanted. I told him that I wanted promotion and he told me that I "you want promotion yet you have a night husband" and he prayed for me and delivered me.

I do confirm that I had the night husband who would come frequently to my dreams and have sex with me. I was delivered. After deliverance on 5th April the following week my manager asked me to send him my achievements for the past two years which I did. After a few weeks of silence another manager came back to me and gave me an offer letter with improved salary more than my expectation. It is effective 1 May 2014. I would like to thank God for coming through for me and also prophet Philip Banda for being the agent that God has used to set me free.

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